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We empower consumers with technology and make it effortlessly easy to make better choices.
Instant Price comparison, while you are shopping
AI-enabled decentralized marketing for everyone
Making Hiring & Recruitment as simple as it should be
Our goal is to make it effortlessly easy for you to make better choices. The internet has made it easy to access information, but there is too much of it. And it can get confusing. We want to help drown out the noise and focus on choices that are relevant to us. Our computers and smartphones need not be passive channels for consumption. They can be active and intelligent and learn what we want and help us discover it. Here's a little about the kind of work we are doing: Discovery with Deep Learning
Abhisek Majumder
Android Developer
Afridi Shayc
Product Engineer
Asha Vishwanathan
Data Scientist
Durai Rajaa N
Product Engineer
Gautam Sabhahit
Product Engineer
Hemanth C
Product Engineer
Nandini S
Data Curator
Sagar Rasheed
Product Engineer
Sai Gaddam
Founder, Data Scientist
Sriram Krishnan
Product Engineer
Vikram Kamath
Data Engineer
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